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Vittore Hoop Pierced Earrings, Gold Tone Plated & Gold Tone Stones

5522880 This pair of Swarovski earrings from our Vittore Collection are a charming combination of gold-tone plated settings and numerous gleaming crystals that sparkle in shades of yellow. Their vibrant design makes them ideal for bright outfits or for adding a touch of color to your everyday look. A lovely gift for friends or family.


Vintage Drop Pierced Earrings, Rhodium Plated & Blue Stones

5424362 Our bestselling Vintage collection has been a favorite among Swarovski fans for many years. Now, we are pleased to add this stunning pair of teal crystal earrings to this timeless line. With their refined crystal drops in the traditional prong setting and easy-to-wear rhodium plating, they lend a touch of vintage glam to any outfit and are an excellent choice for gift giving.

119,00€  71,40€

Vintage Pierced Earrings, Rhodium Plated & Blue Stones

5452579 Celebrate in style this Mother™ Day by gifting this fabulous pair of pierced earrings from our bestselling Vintage jewelry family. This exquisite rhodium-plated design features refined crystal drops in a traditional prong setting and a regal blue color. Timeless glamour for any outfit.

69,00€  41,40€

Tropical Flower Pierced Earrings, Rhodium Plated & Pink Stones

5519254 Part of our Tropical Collection, this pair of pierced Swarovski earrings add a floral touch to your look. Inspired by nature, the purple crystal blossoms sparkle beautifully whenever they refract incoming light. This rhodium-plated design would make an ideal addition to an on-trend outfit, or a perfect gift.


Tropical Parrot Pierced Earrings, Gold Tone Plated & Multi Colored Stones

5519255 Truly unique: This pair of pierced earrings by Swarovski are inspired by tropical gardens. They depict a colorful parrot sitting on a gold-tone plated perch, with a tropical leaf above it. Numerous blue, green and yellow Swarovski Crystals adorn the parrot, adding their brilliant sparkle to the design. The perch is attached to a square, green crystal stud, and can be removed to create a more subtle look. A versatile, beautiful gift for jewelry lovers.


Tropical Parrot Pierced Earrings, Gold Tone Plated & Multi Colored Stones

5512708 This pair of pierced Swarovski earrings feature a unique blend of tropical colors and on-trend elegance. Eye-catching bright blue and yellow crystals form the long tail of a stylized, gold-tone plated parrot. You can remove the dangling elements for a more subtle look. A lovely gift for a fashion-conscious woman, or for yourself.


Tropical Flower Pierced Earrings, Gold Tone Plated & Pink Stones

5520648 This pair of pierced Swarovski earrings feature an on-trend design. Inspired by the lush beauty of a tropical garden, gold-tone plated leaves and purple crystal blossoms create a vivid display of color, especially when the Swarovski Crystals catch and refract incoming light. You can remove the leaves from the flower-shaped studs for a more subtle look. A marvelous gift for special occasions.


Tropical Leaf Pierced Earrings, Gold Tone Plated & White Stones

5519253 This pair of pierced Swarovski earrings combine floral elements with shimmering crystals. They depict gold-tone plated tropical leaves. A large, square-shaped Swarovski crystal dangles from each leaf, adding brilliant sparkle to the design. Ideal for special occasions, and a lovely gift giving idea.


Swan Pierced Earrings, Rose Gold Tone Plated & White Stones

5144289 This stylish pair of rose gold-plated pierced earrings features the swan, the iconic symbol of Swarovski. It sparkles majestically in clear crystal pave, creating an elegant color contrast. These graceful creations add timeless sophistication to any outfit, at any time of day.


Swan Lake Pierced Earring Jackets, Rhodium Plated & White Stones

5379944 This versatile pair of pierced earring jackets is feminine and sophisticated. Wear the rhodium-plated crystal studs alone or add the dangling swans, embellished with pave and marquise-shaped stones. Classic sparkle, on-trend.


Swarovski Symbolic Pierced Earrings, Mixed Metal Finish & Multi Colored Stones

5489536 Take style inspiration from the mystical night sky this season with this statement-making pair of pierced earrings. Featuring moon and star motifs, which symbolize hopes and dreams, the design combines Swarovski Crystal Pearls and a delicate gradation of crystals set in pave. Ideal for everyday wear, or an original gift idea.


Swarovski Symbolic Stud Pierced Earrings, Rose Gold Tone Plated & Blue Stones

5510067 This cool-classic pair of stud pierced earrings is inspired by the evil eye motif, an ancient symbol of protection. The design combines rose-gold tone plated metal with subtle blue and clear pave embellishments. Ideal for everyday wear, or a thoughtful gift idea.

59,00€  35,40€

Symbolic Lotus Pierced Earrings, Gold Tone Plated & Green Stones

5522840 This pair of long-length pierced Swarovski earrings incorporates a stylized lotus flower. The floral element is picked out in numerous sparkling white stones and is attached to a smaller, gold-tone plated circle set with a green crystal. The dangling elements hanging from the lotus blossom are gold-tone plated and can be removed to fit several different styles.


Swarovski Infinity Hoop Pierced Earrings, Rhodium Plated & White Stones

5518878 Timeless design with a hint of modernism: This pair of Swarovski earrings are inspired by the infinity symbol with a smaller upper loop, creating a stylish hoop look. They are studded with numerous sparkling Swarovski crystals that refract incoming light. A subtle touch of glamour for business and everyday wear as well as elegant evening looks. The perfect gift for special occasions.


Sunshine Pierced Earrings, Rose Gold Tone Plated & White Stones

5459597 Crafted in rose gold plating with sparkling white centerpieces, this symbolic pair of earrings would be a brilliant way to say 'You are my sunshine' this Mother's Day. Inspired by the love and warmth between a mother and daughter, their timeless elegance will light up any look, from sunrise to sunset.


Sunshine Pierced Earrings, Rhodium Plated & Blue Stones

5536741 Celebrate our 125th anniversary with this pair of Swarovski earrings. They are designed to resemble stylized flowers, with a light blue stone in the center and rhodium-plated rays emanating from it. The simplistic stud design of these pierced earrings makes them ideal for everyday wear. A charming piece of jewelry and a lovely gift for special occasions.


Stunning Ginko Pierced Earrings, Gold Tone Plated & White Stones

5518176 This pair of pierced Swarovski earrings are covered in numerous glittering crystals. The elegantly curved ginkgo leaves are gold-tone plated, complementing the bright sparkle of the beautiful stones. Symbolizing longevity and hope, this is a great gift idea.


Stone Hoop Pierced Earrings, Rose Gold Tone Plated & Pink Stones

5383938 Pick the right present for Mother™ Day or any other occasion with this timeless pair of hoops, decorated with crystal pave for that special Swarovski sparkle. The delicate, rose gold-plated design is easy to wear with any outfit, from day to evening.


Spirit Pierced Earrings, Rhodium Plated & Aqua Stones

5529138 Adorned with shimmering crystals, this pair of rhodium-plated pierced earrings by Swarovski exudes timeless charm. Each one features a single Swarovski crystal in a light blue hue. The crystals' delicate facets refract incoming light, creating a kaleidoscope of sparkles. A beautiful gift for special occasions.


Swarovski Sparkling Dance Pierced Earrings, Rhodium Plated & Green Stones

5485723 Joining our popular Sparkling Dance collection, this exquisite pair of pierced earrings lifts any look with its timeless sparkle and fresh touch of color. Featuring a geometric centerpiece, the rhodium plated design combines frosty mint-colored stones and clear crystal pave. A perfect gift for anyone who appreciates classic elegance with a spiritual twist.




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